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contactmewe will prevail, we are virginia tech!

It is very important that we commemorate those individuals who lost their lives during the tragic events of April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech. In an effort to help rebuild and strengthen the Hokie Family, mirosh.com provides this page as a resource for all important information!


Donations are being accepted by the following organizations:

Inspirational Media from that fateful day

VT RemembersI have compiled a list of articles, images, videos, and other media that I found inspirational and indicative of the VT Community during time of great sorrow. We will never forget this day, and we will become a stronger community in the face of such adversity.

Desktop Backgrounds

I have designed a few desktop backgrounds to commemorate that fateful day which none of us will ever forget:

Desktop Image #1 A simple VT ribbon logo superimposed on a dark maroon backdrop with a Nikki Giovanni (VT Professor & Poet) quote beneath. (1280x1024)


Desktop Image #2 The same VT ribbon logo superimposed on a picture of the Vigil Ceremony with a Nikki Giovanni quote beneath. (1280x1024)


Desktop Image #3 I can't take credit for this whole desktop, but I did use the VT symbol with all of the schools in it and placed it on a nice maroom backdrop with the official ribbon and the date. (1600x1200)


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